Understanding video is a must for marketing and communication in the 21st century.

Video: Kindergarteners on College Football

I produced this short video to help promote Presbyterian Day School's 2015 Admission Open House.

My goal was to create a viral video that Memphians would share, ensuring a free banner ad for our upcoming Admission Open House.

Within 24 hours, this video garner 7800 views.

Video: The Lee Burns Era

In the Spring of 2014, Presbyterian Day School went through a leadership transition. The previous headmaster, Lee Burns transformed the school in a myriad of ways.

To celebrate and outline the accomplishments of the era, I produced this video, by far the most involved video production project I have been a part of to date.

Video: What Boys Say about Love

This was a video we produced to help us get Facebook likes.

Video: Open House Viral Video

To promote the school's admission open houses in the Fall of 2012, I co-wrote, filmed, and edited this viral spoof of the Presidental debates.