I am

a digital native.

I remember the 1st time I heard the term "internet." I was in college and quickly knew I had found my new profession.

I began exploring website design as soo as the internet was opened up to commercial use.

These days, I use the Joomla Content Management System and in the last few years I have learned through trial and error best practices for security and backup.

Presbyterian Day School Website

During my 10+ years at PDS, we have been through several iterations of the website.

While most schools outsource the design of their website, the PDS website was a one-man show. I designed, developed, and maintain the site.

This version of the site is mobile-responsive.

The site runs on the open source Joomla content management system.

Visit the site

Oaksedge Office Campus

Oaksedge is an Office Campus in East Memphis. I designed an indentity for the property and built this site for a freelance client to help attract a tenant for the property.

Visit Oaksedge.com

World Peace Game Website

This site was developed for John Hunter, one of the leading thinkers in education today.

Hunter developed an intensive intricate simulation of global politics that he calls the World Peace Game and through it, students learn about diplomacy and global politics.

Hunter was featured at the 2009 and 2014 TED Conferences and has been named one of the top TED speakers of all time.

World Peace Game website